Cotter Early Childhood Center

Working on Writing in Preschool

What does preschool writing look like?

Working on writing in preschool takes many forms! Drawing, letter recognition, name writing, labeling, and listening to stories are just a few ways that young children are exposed to and begin practicing writing. As children grow and develop they move through the following stages of writing:

Preschool teachers help children through these beginning stages by providing many opportunities to write in the classroom. Children practice using various writing materials such as crayons, markers, pencils, and even sand! Using playdoh and letter pieces to build letters and words help to strengthen fine motor (finger) muscles and make controlling a pencil easier. Reading stories, talking about what children remember, and then drawing that idea helps children learn that what they draw and write has meaning, and can be used to describe what they know and communicate with the world.

Please enjoy this gallery of writing activities of GSRP children from across the district!