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Field Trips and Visitors!

Field Trips and Visitors!

For many young children, some of the best memories of their academic journey are made on field trips. They combine the excitement of exploring new places, participating and engaging in new activities, and creating with the joys of learning and education. Though...

Block Area: The Heart of the Prek Classroom!

Block Area: The Heart of the Prek Classroom!

Block play is an essential part of not only preschool, but early childhood learning. Children naturally gravitate towards this area, and use it in a wide variety of ways. Our GSRP classrooms have well stocked block areas that may include, wooden blocks, foam blocks,...

Outside Time!

Outside Time!

We LOVE playing outside in preschool! There are so many benefits to being outdoors. Physical Benefits: Improved health, improved immune system, stronger muscles, improved gross motor skills Intellectual Benefits: Aids in brain development, interpersonal skills, spark...

April calendar reminder

Sharing a reminder with the community that the Dearborn Public Schools will be closed on Tuesday, April 9th and Wednesday, April 10th. Students do not attend school on those two days. Schools will resume on Thursday, April 11th.   A great deal of advanced...

Solar eclipse coming April 8!

Solar eclipse coming April 8!

The solar eclipse is coming April 8, 2024! The last time our area could view a solar eclipse was August 2017. During that partial eclipse, Dearborn experienced about 78% coverage. This solar eclipse will be a near-total eclipse, with the moon estimated to cover about...

Sora book update and public library

We are sharing an update for students and parents regarding the Sora app, which is again available to district students. Through Sora, students are able to see books available through the Midwest Collaborative for Library Services provided by the Dearborn Public...

March is Reading Month!

March is Reading Month!

March is Reading Month March was designated National Reading Month in honor of Dr. Seuss' birthday on March 2 and encourages readers of all ages to read daily and engage in reading and other literacy activities outside for fun.During the month of march we celebrate...

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