Cotter Early Childhood Center

Science in the Preschool Classroom

Teaching Science to young children is exciting and fun! Preschool aged children learn about science and the world around them through inquiry (exploring). Just as listening to stories and learning the alphabet introduces young children to the world of literacy, inquiry science gives children the building blocks to learn how to observe their world, ask questions, and solve problems. Being exposed to different materials and textures is a great way to introduce your children to scientific ideas and topics at home!

In the classroom, science in early childhood can be integrated across the curriculum. The critical thinking tools of investigation and problem solving support and inform how children learn literacy, math, art, and even social-emotional development. What is so exciting about inquiry science is that it is flexible enough for you to integrate the approach in any curriculum that you are using.

Please enjoy these pictures of GSRP Children from across the district participating in the scientific method.