Cotter Early Childhood Center

Fruit Loop Fun!

On of our goals in math is to count from 1-20. Let’s make it fun by using fruit loops to count, sort and then practice patterning.

A white plate with multiple color fruit loops on the plate
Start with a bowl or Plate of Fruit Loops with NO MILK

Have your child count as how many Fruit Loops are on the Plate

Have your child sort by color… “which has most?” “Which has least?” (Eat those)

A white plate with fruit loops sorted by color showing small groups of yellow, red, purple, blue and green fruit loops

Pick two colors and make a pattern 

A white plate with a small group of blue  fruit loops and small group of yellow fruit loops.  Then a line of patterned fruit loop yellow, blue, yellow, blue, yellow, blue

(if I know they need additional activity)
Try making this pattern 

A white plate with a pattern of orange and green fruit loops.  Patter is one orange, two green, one orange, two green


or a pattern with three colors