Cotter Early Childhood Center

Mrs. Lawson’s GSRP News!

We spent a week learning about roller coasters. We read a book called Roller Coasters by Marla Frazee. The students worked together to create their own roller coaster out of recyclable

materials. What fun!

Salina School received a First Lego League Discover Grant. We are learning about how packages are transported by land, air and water and then delivered to sorting stations. These students created a ramp to help transport goods to the sorting stations. Hip hip hooray to our future engineers!

The mailman came to visit our class. The student got a first hand experience of how mail is sorted and delivered. We even had an opportunity to walk to a local mailbox to deliver letters to our families.

In February, we read books about Groundhog Day. After learning about how the groundhog predicts the arrival of spring, the students worked together to create a groundhog city. They even created their own groundhog city chant while they worked to build the city.  Can you find the place where the groundhog might be hiding?